100 Years of Marine Corps Aviation: An Illustrated History

by Roxanne M. Kaufman , Marine Corps (U.S.), John Glenn Jr. 100years-aviationThis is a very rare book and we encourage you to use your local or base library to try to get a copy. As of May 2014, it was over $1,000 on Amazon!

Hammer From Above: Marine Air Combat Over Iraq

By Jay Stout hammer-from-aboveIn Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Marine Corps’ ground campaign up the Tigris and Euphrates was notable for speed and aggressiveness unparalleled in military history. Little has been written, however, of the air support that guaranteed the drive’s success. Paving the way for the rush to Baghdad was “the hammer from above”–in the form of attack helicopters, jet fighters, transport, and other support aircraft. Now a former Marine fighter pilot shares the gripping never-before-told stories of the Marines who helped bring to an end the regime of Saddam Hussein. Available in multiple formats on Amazon here.

Marine Air: The History of the Flying Leathernecks in Words and Photos

By R. Dorr marine-airSome of the best stories of aerial combat [told] by the actual pilots. — Charleston Post and Courier Available in multiple formats on Amazon here.

On Yankee Station: The Naval Air War Over Vietnam

By John Nichols on-yankee-stationCombining vivid personal narrative with historical and operational analyses, this book takes a candid look at U.S. naval airpower in the Vietnam War. Coauthors John Nichols, a fighter pilot in the war, and Barrett Tillman, an award-winning aviation historian, make full use of their extensive knowledge of the subject to detail the ways in which airpower was employed in the years prior to the fall of Saigon. Confronting the conventional belief that airpower failed in Vietnam, they show that when applied correctly, airpower was effective, but because it was often misunderstood and misapplied, the end results were catastrophic. Their book offers a compelling view of what it was like to fly from Yankee Station between 1964 and 1973 and important lessons for future conflicts. At the same time, it adds important facts to the permanent war record. Available in multiple formats on Amazon here.

The Art of Airpower, Sun Tzu Revisited

By S. Kainikara Art-of-air-power-sun-tzuGood luck finding this rare book, which last we looked was for sale at $2,000 on Amazon!

U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Since 1912

By P. Mersky us-marine-corps-aviationThis heavily illustrated work is the only book to describe the entire history of the U.S. Marine Corps’ air arm. With hundreds of rare photographs, this fourth edition represents a major redesign and update of the last edition, published more than a decade ago. Chapters include descriptions of early development and training, as well as combat deployments during World War I and in Central America. World War II and Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, and Southwest Asia campaigns are also well covered. The book’s emphasis is on the Marines who made up the air squadrons, developed the aircraft and tactics, and fought the battles as the main support of troops on the ground. The text includes first-person accounts and comments from many participants–aviators and crewmen alike.

Available in hardcover on Amazon here.