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First Lady of the Marine Corps’ Recommended Reading List

Bonnie Amos, the Commandant’s wife, has released her own suggested reading list for spouses and children of Marines. These books are highly recommended for Marine families to read together.

For Spouses

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Commandant’s Choice Books

Read Gen. Amos‘ message to Marines in CMC White Letter No. 4-12: Reading in the Marine Corps… “Thirty year old body and 5000 year old mind”. The Commandant’s guidance and additional information can be found in ALMAR 001/13 dated 2 JAN 2013.

Commandant’s Choice Books

All Marines are required to read these books, regardless of rank or specialty.

A Message to Garcia

Story of an American soldier charged with delivering a critical message to a leader of Cuban rebel forces during the Spanish American War. He delivers the urgent missive with no questions asked, no complaining, and no hedging. The enduring and almost unbelievably simple message of the essay is this: When asked to perform a task, don’t ask How…? or Why…? or Wouldn’t it be better if? Just do it. This book is also on the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Reading List and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Reading List.

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